By Elijah Nelson

To say Kourtney Palmi loves basketball doesn’t do Palmi justice. She cares about inspiring others to love the game and the athletes she coaches. As a senior, Palmi is striving to be a positive role model while balancing school. She is majoring in Exercise Science and pursuing three minors in Health, Coaching, and Sports Management.

Her passion for basketball is shared with her family as well. Her younger brother plays high school basketball, on the team she volunteers to coach, and her father named her from

the inspiration of basketball. “My Dad named me Kourtney hoping I would share the love for basketball he had,” Palmi said. “He wanted it to be special, so that’s why it’s spelled with a ‘K’.”

Kourtney’s family, friends, and players she coaches are some of the most important people in her life.

Beyond what’s at home, Palmi wants to travel outside of the country. When asked where she’d like to visit, Plami didn’t hesitate to say Spain, for the “beautiful scenery and authentic food.”