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The University of Wisconsin-Superior Parking Services is responsible for issuing parking permits, enforcing regulations, and maintaining the lots for students, faculty, and guests.

Trish Hegstrom-Olson has been the Parking Services Manager since 2007. Hegstrom-Olson maintains a staff of four, comprised of herself and three additional UW-Superior students employed through the work-study program.

Parking Services Building
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The students on staff are responsible for office work, ticketing, and sales. Hegstrom-Olson currently is fully staffed but said, “In spring, I might need more.”

Mikayla Hatfield, a UW-Superior graduate, was employed through the work-study program with Parking Services from 2015-2018. Hatfield recalls that all ticketing and paperwork was done by hand at the time. Hatfield remembers her time with Parking Services fondly and said, “It was fun and everyone I worked with was great.”

Hatfield left Parking Services after graduation but took her skills to Arkansas where she worked in Parking at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville in ticketing and then dispatch before taking her current job with Campus Security as a dispatcher.

For students interested in future employment opportunities with Parking Services, contact

The Parking Services homepage on the UW-Super website also offers further information about parking lot regulations and fees as well as more information about where to park when visiting campus.

A link to a map of all campus parking lots is included. To avoid violating parking regulations, the Parking Services web page notes that all lots are clearly marked at entrances to identify what type of parking is allowed.

Parking Services is a self-funded program, relying on parking permit fees and not tuition or tax dollars for funding.