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Everyone grows up wanting to be something. Originally Isaiah Witta spent a year and a half at College of Saint Scholastica, where he began studying medical science before eventually transferring to UWS and changing his major.

Witta is now studying multimedia journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Isaiah Witta
Photo provided by the Duluth
Huskies Staff Roster

Witta is a Junior from Maple, WI, and has a deep love for his favorite sport, football.
“I am very passionate about football and know a lot about it,” said Isaiah. “I would love to go into sports broadcasting, it would be cool to do play by play.”

He further expressed his love for football and more importantly for the Minnesota Vikings. “I often watch Vikings games and football in general with my dad and am able to say what the commentators say even before they say it!”

This past summer Witta had the chance to even participate as part of the Game-Day Operation Team with the Duluth Huskies’ baseball team, as a Gameday Operation Intern.

When asked, ‘when was it that you knew that this was where you wanted to go?’, Isaiah replied with, “I made the decision in the last few years, as growing up I wanted to go down the medical line, but I just wasn’t enjoying studying it”. He then finished with “I don’t want to be miserable in my everyday job.”