Music filled Old Main on Thursday, September 29, as the fourteenth Collage Concert was held at Thorpe Langley Auditorium with a running gala and reception that followed.

The concert started at 7:30 p.m. with ‘Keep Your Lamps’ which is an inspirational piece that resonated throughout the auditorium. The following line-up of performances were as the charming as next, with Hector Landa playing ‘Scratch Cat!’ on piano.

One notable element from the various songs was how they included a touch of urban, gospel, and folk/ethnic styles of music that incorporated ethnically accurate instruments.

Instruments like the cello and piano even played differently than the usual Western European ways, as these instruments played spicy and ethnical as well.

The UWS Music Department in total had 13 arranged pieces for the concert that was performed by the UWS Chorale, UWS Singers, UWS Percussion Ensemble, UWS Orchestra, and UWS Trumpet Ensemble.

October seems to be a busy month for the music department as they have four more performances on the 6, 13, 18, and 20. All but one performance will return back to Thorpe Langley Auditorium, the October 6th Jazz Meets Rock Concert in The Rex at Fitgers in Duluth, MN.

If anyone is interested in being involved with the UWS Music Department you can email