Color balance and composition are trained ideas in the artworld. Experimentation is really one of the only ways that anyone can find something that works for them. But for Gloria Eslinger, this practice has landed her own show in the Project Gallery in Holden Fine Arts.

Eslinger works with glass mosaics, which uses titles or pieces of color arranged in a way to either make an interesting pattern or a beautiful picture.

Eslinger’s work that’s currently in the Project Gallery was made just this past summer, an opportunity available through the University ‘Jumpstart’ grant program.

Through her grant, Eslinger was able to make one piece inspired by the elements of earth, fire, water.

Eslinger’s work is also for sale ranging from $20-800 for various paintings and mosaics current on display.

Anyone that’s interested in Eslinger’s art can reach her by email at geslinger@uwsuper.edu.



Eslinger’s work is available through October 26 as the Visual Arts Department prepare for more student works in both the Kruk and Project Gallery.