With back-to-back UMAC Cross-Country Runner of the week awards Yellowjacket sophomore is breaking out of the hive and onto the scene. Michael Butterfield is in his second year running for UW-Superior and has only been improving.

Butterfield earned ALL-UMAC first team honors as a freshman last season. Placing the highest in regionals for the Yellowjackets besides the two graduates, Derrick Moe and Tyler Finger.

He is looking forward to regionals this season, with only the Augustan meet and UMAC championships before he is setting a high goal.
“My goal personally is to make it to nationals, that’s the end goal,” Butterfield said.

One of eight runners to post a personal best in their most recent run at Eau Claire, Butterfield is hoping for a third UMAC runner of the week.

Butterfield grew up near the Iron Range and wasn’t looking to go to a school with a ton of people. “I chose UWS mainly because of the class size… I also was able to run, and Glen was willing to take me on,” Butterfield said. “The coaches are really good, specifically with personalized goal setting, Glen Drexler and Tom Sederquist are working really good with me to try to get to the next level, Nationals.”

Butterfield is already trying to set the bar for the incoming freshman. “It’s like high school, the younger you are the more you look up to the older kids, and every year you get up, you’re like okay, I’m here now.”

With a young team for UWS, Butterfield believes that if everyone is willing to follow that lead, they may have a chance to make nationals as a team. He knows they will still have to plug away and begin to complete their goals set with Drexler.

Butterfield’s favorite meet might surprise you, a major rainfall at the University of Minnesota Duluth. “It was just good vibes and a good time; the course was getting tore up… I like the cold, I like the rain,” Butterfield said about the meet he finished in seventh.

Butterfield will run alongside the other Yellowjackets in the UMAC championships on Oct. 29 in St. Bonifacious Minn. and then the regional meet will be held Nov. 12 in Northfield Minn.