Cassy Teff began playing volleyball in second grade, “I was always exposed to volleyball,” Teff said. It’s a tradition in the family with her cousins, sister, aunt, and mom all having played the sport.

Teff is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and a member of the school’s volleyball team.

Teff describes playing on the UWS volleyball team as having built-in friends you are with through the best and worst times. These relationships have been built through volleyball, especially with her roommate Kaylin Plautz. Whether it be on the volleyball team or in her life away from the sport, Teff admires the friendships she has made while on the team. Those friends and teammates are always there for her, too.

“Prior players Jordyn O’Brien and Megan Holz have been very influential, supportive women within my life and game,” Teff said. Through playing on the same side of the court with those two, Teff knew she could count on them as they were always supportive of her volleyball and academic careers. Off the court, both Jordyn and Megan have become her true friends.

Teff also became good friends with Lexi Oeltjen through UWS volleyball. Kaitlyn, Lexi, and her all lived together for a year, and have become very close. “All the girls, past and present have been some of my biggest supporters,” Teff said.

Teff has also had plenty of coaches who have made a strong impact on her game and in her life. Prior to UWS, she had two club volleyball coaches who really solidified her love for volleyball, Erica and Jason Smith.

At UWS, coaches Deadrick, Riesgraf, and Dahlin have all been very impactful in her career. “I know they are always looking in the team’s best interest to get the win,” Teff said. She knows she can go to any one of them for help, advice, or just for a chat at any time, and they will be there with her best interest at heart.
Teff especially loves the competitiveness that college volleyball offers.

She has had so many memories while playing the sport, but her earliest memory was attending a volleyball camp at the college of St. Ben’s in St. Joseph, Minn. while in fourth grade.

“I was a setter at that time, and I got the camper of the day award,” Teff said. It was awarded to the hardest worker, and most improved skill-wise of the day, out of all the 200 and some campers.

Teff chose to attend UWS for the opportunity to continue to play the sports she has always loved and been around. On top of that, UWS provided her with the opportunity to continue her education beyond high school. Additionally, Teff enjoys the Twin Ports as she has always visited the area on family trips ever since she was a kid.

This is Teff’s last year at UWS. She is a premedical biology major, with a chemistry minor. She plans to attend graduate school after obtaining her undergraduate degree to become an Orthopedic Physician Assistant in surgery. She would love to work in the medical field while still staying involved with sports and working with people of all ages.