By Gabriel Sexton

What she lacks in personality, she makes up for in feistiness. No phrase better encapsulates senior Etta Sorenson. Majoring in community health and exercise health, Sorenson is a soccer player who loves sports and the outdoors. She spends a lot of time at her favorite place on campus, the Marcovich Wellness Center.

Looking towards her future, Sorenson said that “I want to get out of dodge and be a radiologist,” making it incredibly clear that she does not want to stay in Superior. Rather, Sorenson aims to make a life for herself somewhere else.

Thinking of somewhere else, Sorenson said that she if she could travel she would go to anywhere in Italy. Her taste in food is a bit more domestic, however, saying that her favorite food was cheeseburgers. When she wasn’t thinking about cheeseburgers or the future, Sorenson identified one final favorite thing. Cats. “I. Freaking. Love. Cats.”

Thankful for many things, Sorenson specifically identified her parents, health, and friends as three things that she was most thankful for.