A future comic book writer and current spaghetti enthusiast, Martin Schwanebeck began his junior year at the University of Wisconsin-Superior fall 2019. Schwanebeck majors in Writing and Theatre. He is known by his classmates for his quick-witted comebacks.

When he’s not at school, Schwanebeck enjoys writing fiction, writing letters to prisoners, and listening to music. His two favorite bands to listen to are

The Coup and Rage Against the Machine. Otherwise, Schwanebeck can be found off campus at local protests, such as St. Luke’s recent nurse strike and another to help get riot gear for the Duluth Police Department.

When at home, Schwanebeck spends time with his family dogs. “We have an Australian Shepherd mix named Dinky-Dee, [who] is the first dog who’s ever liked me. My mom recently got a puppy named Fritz.”