Mckenzie Williams |

Garver worked with the Yellowjacket Activities Crew to plan this event. The YAC General Manager Rebecca Matson played a large role in planning the event; “I contacted Chartwells to coordinate the food for today, so I helped select the food that everyone is eating and then I helped create the promo and hang it up,” said Matson.

The event offered vegan and gluten-free options for food. Giant versions of popular classic games like Jenga, Yahtzee, and Cup Pong were also available for students to play.

Students filled up on burgers, hotdogs, and more in the YU.
Photo provided by Holden Law

Garver had budgeted for 100 students but had not anticipated over 140 students coming to enjoy festivities. Food ran out one hour into the barbeque.

Events like this are held to give students an opportunity to connect with their peers in creative and fun ways.

Freshman Cat Hanson who attended the barbeque said, “Since the school year started, I have come to almost every single event, just trying to branch out and meet new people.”

Students who are interested in attending events can check the UWS calendar to stay up to date on the latest activities. They can also visit to get involved with one of the over 50 student-runned organizations.