Clubs and organizations like the Sustainability Club and the Stimulus Club can offer students a resource to talk about their passions and even invoke a sense of community outside of classes.

Both on and off-campus jobs had signup sheets that are looking for students to get their foot into the door of a potential career after their college education is over. KUWS even demonstrated the power of our campus’ radio station by allowing students to test out their radio voice.

YU plaza was full of clubs, organization, and job opportunities for students

Jacket Fest is just one of many ways students can be prepared for the workforce and to explore clubs and organizations on campus. The Link Center also offers help with resumes, interviews, and job searching.

Handshake and JacketHub are two alternative ways to get the Jacket Fest experience for online students and those who missed it for class. Handshake shows available jobs and internships that are available with UWS students, while JacketHub shows all of the clubs and organizations that are currently available on campus.

The Link Center can be found in Swenson 1061.