The University of Wisconsin-Superior holds a series of recitals from talented people for the music department. Tuesday, Oct. 18, was the night of classical sounds, as UWS held its second series of recitals in the Webb Auditorium in the Holden Fine Arts building.

Enrique Graf speaking to audiences during recital. | Photo by Riize Michele

Inside the Webb Auditorium, an all-black piano stood out solo on stage for the Uruguayan American pianist Enrique Graf.

I was astounded because this was my first time inside the Webb Auditorium. The entire performance was executed with an exacting aspect that I felt was stimulating and refreshing.

Graf remarkably used no sheet music, and his selection of musical pieces were of both classical and jazz musicians like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and George Gershwin.

During an intermission, Graf talked to the audience which gave them a snippet of his life experiences from around the world.

I was blown away by his pre-intermission performance. Music appreciators can follow Graf on his musical journey on Instagram @enriquegraf.