Any first-year college students out there?

If you or your younger sibling are looking for some helpful tips and a little guidance on how to handle that big adjustment to college life, I can give you a few tips to help you this year!

-If you’re not sure about your college campus and the locations of certain buildings, try attending a school orientation or even walk around campus with a friend.

-Knowing crucial locations like where the cafeteria, library, gym, bus stations, and especially where your classes are located is vital in reducing some of the first-year stress!

-Buy OR rent your books before the semester starts.
Buy a few notebooks, buy yourself a nice backpack, pencils, etc. It’s really all you may need since a lot of assignments are online!

-Attending your classes is crucial! It’s incredibly important to stay on top of your participation and assignments, so try not to fall behind on your work.

-Get yourself organized!

-Find an academic advisor who will help you get on track with your classes as you journey through your college life. Make sure your class you sit in each week is a class you need to get your major or minor!

-Communication is key, if you must miss class always let your professor know beforehand.

-Get yourself involved on campus, someway, somehow. It’s a great experience for you. It will help you in the long haul and builds experience for whatever you participate in.

-And finally, make time for yourself. As hectic as your first year can be, try to make time for yourself to recharge after that presentation or mid-term exam!

Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you.