Jackson Mittlstadt | jmittel2@uwsuper.edu

The University of Wisconsin-Superior campus hosted the Tri-State Jazz Festival on Thursday, Oct. 17, in the Thorpe Langley Auditorium. The concert consisted of live performances from the UWS Jazz Ensemble and the Tri-State Honor Jazz Band.

The Tri-State Festival became its own event in 2007, where talented high schoolers from across the northland combined their talents to put on a performance for the community. Students began practicing together to learn from one another and to further increase their band skills while having a bit of fun.

“Honestly it was a YouTube video I found in fifth grade. My dad showed me a guy playing a saxophone and I knew I wanted to play,” said Kaleb Beack, a Denfeld High saxophonist.

UWS Jazz band during warm-ups.
| Photo by Jackson Mittlstadt

Haven Anderson, another musician from Denfeld plays the piano, drums, and violin. “I have a little nerves, but I have been looking forward to this since last year’s festival so it makes sense,” said Anderson.

The night’s performance showcased many solo acts, both Anderson and Beack included. Beginning with the UWS students warming up the crowd led by Greg Kehl Moore, the jazz program director.

Aidan Anderson, a third-year student at UWS has been playing the trumpet for nearly a decade. “Music keeps me going, listening to what I love, and playing the stuff I love with the people I love is indescribable,” Anderson said.

The evening concluded with roaring applause, celebrating the passion for jazz and each other’s musical skills.