Tarantulas, snakes, and cockroaches! Oh my! The Lake Superior Zoo visited the Jim Dan Hill Library on September 22 with a few animal companions on their ZooMobile.

Skittles the Brazilian rainbow boa constrictor was the greeter of this event, along with her handler Augusta.

Skittles the Brazilian Rainbow Boa Constrictor wrapping around Augusta’s arm.

Skittles is an animal ambassador who does lots of traveling with the zoo, and part of her job is to help those with a fear of snakes overcome it.

Other animals that hopped on the ZooMobile were Rosie, the Rose Hair Tarantula, four Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches who were all named ‘Hissy’, and Nate the Box Turtle.
Whenever Nate was put out for the public to see, he preferred to hide in the snapping turtle shell that was donated to the zoo. Fun-Fact! Nate is a native species to the State of Wisconsin!

The Lake Superior Zoo travels with the ZooMobile during most of the year, with spring and summer being their most popular seasons. This allows them to go around and teach others about all different kinds of animals in an up-close setting, while keeping said animals safe and comfortable.

Nate the Box Turtle hiding in his shell.

If you were at the event and want to see even more animals, the Lake Superior Zoo has over 100 different species with more to come!

They’re open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily with entry ticket being $15 for adults, but patron members of the zoo can enter for only $10.

They even have special events coming up for this fall, one being Boo-At-The-Zoo which is on October 15, 22, and 29. At Boo-At-The-Zoo you can go the Lake Superior Zoo in costume to explore the grounds, see the animals, and also receive candy.