By Martin Schwanbeck

Student, concert fan, and savior of animals. Hailing from Washburn, Wisconsin, Charlie Swanson is entering her fifth year at the University of Wisconsin-Superior as a Writing major. Outside of school, Swanson spends her time traveling to rescue animals or attend concerts.

Swanson’s mission is to rescue dogs and cats. This entails long road trips and lots of dedication. One of her adventures was a road trip to Texas where she took thirty dogs from overcrowded shelters and unsuitable living situations. Despite rescuing so many animals and taking them to better homes, Swanson’s regret is that she can’t adopt them all.

However, Swanson can enjoy the company of her therapy cat, Andy. They have a nightly routine of relaxing in bed, Andy laying on her chest or face, while they each unwind. Andy also plays a big role in Swanson’s dream as her muse to write children’s books.