By Shandon Sutherland

Don’t bet against Madi Rupp. The junior at the University of Wisconsin-Superior has a competitive edge as she enjoys playing recreational sports and table games. Rupp said, “I like [playing] Tenzi and Rummikub. I bet my roommate out of fifteen dollars in quarters one night.”

When she isn’t wearing her poker face, Rupp is indulging in her biggest passions: art, crafting, and do it yourself projects. Rupp explained, “It seems to be the best way to spend my free time. I like home improvements and painting.” Her passion extends past leisurely practice, and has evolved into a small profit by making jeweling, then selling it to shops. An entrepreneur in progress, Rupp wants to have her own business someday.

Rupp will be a formidable industrialist one day. Rupp is a friendly face to everyone on campus, until she pulls out the table games that is.