Yvette Klauer | yalberts@uwsuper.edu

As her yellow scarf buzzes with inspiration, Allison Garver, director of Student Involvement at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, provides stinging information on the Buzz75 bucket list for the UWS students in attendance, online or abroad.

Garver said, “It will introduce students to a number of things we have here on campus, and hopefully, it will encourage them to be a little more involved than just attending events.”

Many students have learned about the Buzz75 bucket list at their first-year students’ weekend of welcome, but this adventure is annual.

The Buzz75 Bucket list explores campus life, events, organizations, and adventures in the Twin Ports area.

One of the items on the Buzz75 is getting a photo with Chancellor Renee Wachter. | Photo provided by Student Involvement

According to Garver, “Maybe they will find something they can really connect with; they can go deeper in the involvement.”

Pick an experience like a dip or dive into Lake Superior and photograph the memory. It’s that easy to participate. The Buzz75 bucket list resides on the ‘Jacket hub, waiting for clicks and uploads. Upload now, later, or in the middle of the night.

Don’t forget the fun prizes. That’s right. Milestone prizes are for completing five, ten, twenty, or all adventures. Garver added, “when the students accomplish five events from the list, they win. . .”

The camera un-focuses momentarily and tilts toward a shelf with drawers covered in UWS and beloved mascot, Buzz stickers, supporting joy and campus community. Prizes vary according to how many adventures are completed.

“It is our way of encouraging students to keep going with the program,” said Garver.

Cassie Skattebo, a soon-to-be graduate and Mascot Team Coordinator of UWS, offered friendly feedback on their adventures with the Buzz75 bucket list before their spring break travel.

Skattebo said, “The Buzz75 bucket list has helped me find a few new things I enjoy. Thanks to some of those activities and connections, I finally know what I want to do after I graduate this coming May.”

Even Buzz Reads the Promethean. | Photo provided by Student Involvement

Online students can feel this connection by accomplishing predetermined adventures or creating their own experiences.

As Skattebo stated, “I’m late to complete it before I graduate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still do it on my own time after commencement.”

The Buzz doesn’t fuss. All students are welcome to participate. Take a chance in a safe place to explore what UWS offers for future endeavors.