Hannah Petraski | hneece@uwsuper.edu

The UW-Superior Writing Center is an in person and virtual service offered to all UWS students, that provides help with any type of writing, from day-to-day assignments to long term projects.

For those who might need extra help planning a paper or advice on grammar and language, the Writing Center staffs peer consultants that are able to “assist with all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming topics to making final revisions,” said Daniel William Lawrence, Ph.D., an assistant professor at UWS.

When asked if he works with the Writing Center often in his role, Lawrence said, “Yes, I’m often reminding my students about the Writing Center and their availability for both on-campus and online appointments Many of my students have worked in the Writing Center as consultants. Early in my career, I worked at a university writing center, too, which is where I really realized I enjoy helping others with their writing process.”

When asked how the Writing Center can benefit students Lawrence said, “The Writing Center is a great opportunity for students to get help with any stage of the writing process, from bouncing ideas around to brainstorm for an upcoming paper to getting one-on-one help with questions about style guide formatting, like MLA or APA.”

A sign will be posted in the Writing Center during times of operation. | Photo by Pual James

Scott Vosen, an academic advisor at UWS, says that the Writing Center, “is a great resource for on-campus and distance learners (online students). Students can easily schedule 30-to-60-minute consultation appointments via the website to get assistance from trained student workers on writing assignments. Some appointment examples are to work on grammar, citations, overall clarity, and APA/MLA format.”

While he does not work with the Writing Center directly, he recommends it to his students. Vosen said, “I would like students to use this resource as a way to build and expand on their existing knowledge of writing. Writing effectively is something you need in and out of college to communicate with the world.”

The Writing Center is located on campus in Swenson Hall 1024, but students can make virtual appointments as well. More information including hours, how to make an appointment, and how to contact the center can be found on uwsuper.edu website.