Holden Law is the multimedia designer at the University of Wisconsin–Superior. He is originally from Hibbing, Minnesota.

Law went to Lake Superior College. While at LSC he played soccer. He started as a center midfielder, and later switched to a center back. He loved playing on the team because of how diverse it was. “A lot of men were on that team who had been from all different countries,” Law said. As a matter of fact, his second year playing soccer, he was the only American on the team. “It was neat to be apart of a bunch of different cultures,” Law added.

He has made friendships along the way with many of the players on the LSC team back in the day. As a matter of fact, he is still close to a lot of athletes from that LSC soccer team.

Law transferred to UWS for his next two years. He started studying and going for a finance major. Later changing his degree to a marketing major after working for the athletics department, as a photographer for UWS.

Holden Law | Photo by Paul James

Law spent quite a few summers working with professional and semiprofessional soccer teams to help practice his craft as a photographer.

He has been at UWS for four years, now. Two of those years, as a student. The last two, as a fulltime employee.

He has been with the marketing and athletic department since he started working at UWS. He has always had his foot in the door, as far as a job goes, ever since stepping on the campus. The only difference is his hours have certainly increased after graduating UWS.

Taking photos and editing photos down are his favorite parts about his job. He has always loved sports, but really enjoys the photojournalism part of it, too.

Law loves how far cameras have come. A lot of new technology has been developed to make the quality of the photo better. His go-to camera is the Canon ones.

Law takes thousands of photos at every UWS sporting event he goes to. Track and field, soccer, tennis, hockey, and  baseball, are only just a few sports he takes photos for. For example, he takes anywhere between 4,000 – 6,000 photos at a track and field race or practice. He loves taking photos, to say the least.

Taking photos outside vs. taking photos inside are totally different. Law pays close attention to the settings on his camera, depending on where he is, and what sporting event it is.

Camera settings do vary depending on if you are taking photos inside or outside. If you want better pictures, pay close attention to those settings on your camera.

He also recommends everybody to just go out and start taking photos, especially if you really love it. It doesn’t have to be with a $2,000 camera, either. Your phone alone is highly capable of taking great quality photos. Law plans to continue taking photos for UWS in the future.