Any student who tests positive for Covid, should contact the Dean of Students office, who will then advise them on the isolation process.

Positive on-campus students have the option of isolating themselves off campus or isolating on the 4th floor of Ross Hall. Off-campus students are responsible for staying off campus until their isolation or quarantine period has ended. Meanwhile, close contact students can stay on-campus in either the 3rd or 4th floor of Ostrander or quarantining off campus.

The Dean of Students’ Office carries out all contact tracing throughout campus. Once they’re notified of either a positive case or a close contact, they will reach out to the individual to discuss next steps based on their particular situation. Dates of exposure, presence of symptoms, and vaccination status are just some examples of variables that the Dean of Students’ Office has to keep in mind.

Students will receive a follow-up email of suggested things to bring into quarantine or isolation rooms if they choose to stay on campus. Some items are masks, medications/prescriptions, clothes for 5-10 days since there’s no access to laundry, bedding, bath towels, homework supplies, person hygiene items, essential documents like ids or wallets, food/snacks they have in their dorm, phone and charger, and things to keep you busy.

The Dean of Students’ Offices will set a check-in time with the students going into isolation or quarantine.
They will provide instructions to contact University Police to be let into the building and move into their temporary dorm.

COVID Testing Clinic in MWC

University Police will also be notified by the Dean of Students in order to make sure they’re prepared and students won’t have to wait for a long time to be let in.

Meals are delivered through Chartwells everyday breakfast 9:30-10:00am, lunch 12:30-1:00pm, and dinner 4:30-5:00. In the initial email students will receive a meal request sheet that they must fill out and reply back through email. Each quarantine/isolation floor has a heatbox on a table that students can then grab their labeled meals.

Students who are in quarantine or isolation should continue to communicate with instructors by either email or over canvas, whichever one instructors prefer. Keeping this line of communication open can better help what’s going on in class or how to make up credit for labs and projects.

For campus vaccination, UWS is above that 70% from the midterm goal last semester. The exact percentage is currently unknown as updated cards and boosters are still being collected.

Covid vaccinations are not required for attending UWS but those who are vaccinated, should upload vaccination status online as it can help the process go much faster if the Dean of Students Office needs to contact you.

Campus follows the CDC guidelines for determining vaccination status. Those guidelines can be found at:

Any questions about being exposed, in close contact, or unsure about being considered fully-vaccinated you’re welcomed to contact the Dean of Students’ Office.