The Young Americans for Freedom invited conversative speaker Michael Knowles to the University of Wisconsin-Superior on April 13. Both students and the community were drawn in to listen to Knowles’ speech titled “The Libs Are Wrong About Everything.”

Knowles is best known for his podcast, The Michael Knowles Show, as part of the Daily Wire along with several books that he has published.

“Our mission is to bring conservative ideas onto campus and to educate our peers about those, as well as to unify the many students on campus who already kind of hold those convictions,” said President and Founder of the UWS Chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom Aidan Jones.

Michael Knowles speaking in the Thorpe Langely Auditorium | Photo by Ryan Marcyjanik

During the speech, Knowles would touch upon subjects such as the idea of abortion, capital punishment, euthansia, political policies, incoherent voters, and marriage equity that relates to transgenderism.

“Marriage is the union of a husband and a wife for the sake of the generation and education of children. That is not hateful. That is not phobic,” said Knowles. “It’s a social fact. The union of two men or, or of two women, is simply not the same thing as marriage. If they were the same thing, that would mean there is no meaning difference between men and women.”

At the end of the speech, a Q&A session was available welcoming both opposing and like-mind views.

YAF was able to bring Knowles to UWS through their connect to the national chapter. According to their website, YAF is committed to inspire and “provide a visible presence for the Conversative Movement and encouraging them to speak out.”

YAF directed guests and had an informational table about the speaker | Photo by Drew Kerner

“One of the things our campus focuses a lot on is diversity, which is a good thing,” said Jones. “But at the end of the day our differences of race only goes skin deep, that’s why racism is wrong and doesn’t make any sense. But when it comes to intellectual diversity, I think that’s a much more valuable thing that we need to focus on because being able to look at the same topic from multiple angles. To be able to see it through different people’s eyes. I think that’s very important.”

Through his speech Knowles aims to inspire listeners to stand up for what they believe in and what they hold as values. “There are Christians on campus who agree with him. There are Catholics on campus who agree with Micheal Knowles,” said Jones. “I think one thing that was made clear with the protest, is that if you agree with Knowles, ‘we don’t want you.’ I think that’s very telling of the overall campus climate.”

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