It’s the holiday season so you know what that means. That’s right, Christmas movie season. “Merry Kiss Cam” starring Katie Lowes (Jess), Jesse Bradford (Danny), and UW-Superior’s very own Tom Hansen (announcer) tells the story of a Duluth bar owner (Danny) who goes on a date with a local artist (Jess) to a University of Minnesota Duluth hockey game and they fall for each other after sharing a kiss for the kiss cam.

They become a lucky charm for the Bulldogs and the rest of the story follows the progression of their relationship.

Overall this movie is pretty comparable to Hallmark Christmas movies but does a better job at building up the relationship, getting you invested in their relationship and including humor at the right time. The entire movie takes place in the Duluth area and includes many scenes shot at well-known Duluth locations.

There’s also many references to local attractions that makes the movie a must watch for any Duluth area residents.

“Merry Kiss Cam” is available for streaming exclusively on Hulu so all you need is a Hulu subscription to watch it.

Overall the movie was a fun watch with a corny but interesting love story, and some funny moments.

Final Rating: 6.9/10