Seven performers at the UWS Drag Show

Photo by Rachel Prost

Seven performers strutted their stuff on stage and in the audience on Saturday, November 6th, during the third annual Drag Show in the UW-Superior Yellowjacket Union. Hosted by T Leeper, the show honored the Ojibwe people and their land.

Then Leeper explained that drag is “a form of expression, a caricature of an identity that’s separate from gender.” They also invited the audience to tip the performers and, with consent, interact with them.

The show kicked off with Princess Buttercream’s performance to Vengaboys’ “We like to Party! She set the stage for everyone else as she practically joined the audience herself with the time she spent interacting with everyone.

Next on stage was Mama Dukes, whose entire family attended. Mama Dukes performed to Lizzo’s “Phone vigorously, in which Leeper exclaimed how well those heels kept up later on.

Mr. B Natural was next whose song of choice was “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. He shocked the audience with a show-stopping slide to the edge of the stage.

Next was first-timer Rigor Mortis who’s grunge aesthetic was supported by Maneskin’s “I Wanna Be Your Slave.” Following was Zephrys performance of “This Is How I Learned To Say No” by EMELINE.

The audience was treated to a live performance by Riot, who performed covers of “Aerials” by System of a Down and “Don’t Bother None by Mai Yamane. Additionally, Electrick changed costumes midway through their performance of “Electric Love” by Børns.

The performers brought something new to the stage for their second appearance. Princess Buttercream performed a sexy rendition of “Lingerie by Lizzo, and Mama Dukes decided to ditch the wig and had the audacity to slay it. Mr. B Natural closed out the show with his performance to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.