Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers paid a visit to the University of Wisconsin-Superior to converse with students about what college students would like to see done more in our state government.

I was invited to take part in this discussion which had a range of topics covered from women’s working rights to LGBTQIA+ protection in both rural and urban areas.

This roundtable conversation took place at YU Meeting Room 204 on Oct. 18, lasting 30 minutes. With 16 students being a part of the conversation, not everyone had a chance to ask Gov. Evers a question.

“I feel like the conversation went in a good direction with what was discussed,” said Josh Porter, a student who attended the discussion. “Especially the mental health issues that were discussed. I think the most valuable part was giving students the opportunity to have their voice heard by someone who is in a position to make a difference.”

Evers speaking to students about their areas of importance in Wisconsin. | Photo by Riize Michele

Another student, Zoe Tietz, brought up concerns for K-12 funding in the state of Wisconsin, as she’s currently working towards a degree in education. I brought up concerns for chances of higher education in the

more rural areas of Wisconsin, as I have seen friends and past classmates struggle to adjust to living in a bigger city with bigger schools.

Gov. Ever’s team came prepared with a generalized list of issues that they were already aware of being in the minds of college-aged students, like legalizing marijuana and the importance of mental health. Our select group of students challenged the idea of mental healthcare by going further stating, “It’s difficult to receive the mental healthcare I need with insurance restrictions.”

Other areas of concern that students brought up were a lack of younger people running for political positions, environmental justice, and non-traditional student resources.