One of the newer classes being offered for students at the University of Wisconsin-Superior are classes focused on brewing. The two classes being offered this upcoming spring semester are Brewing 101 a Sampling of Beer Styles, and Brewing 302 Science of Brewing II.

The focus of Brewing 101, according to Dr. Shanna Nifoussa, is to teach students how to taste, sample, and review beer. While the other two brewing classes are focused on the beer making process.

Over the course of semester, Dr. Nifoussa said that a student can expect to try 13 different styles of beer and somewhere between 20 and 30 different beers. The class is open to any students that are 21 years of age or older. This course can be taken for one credit and is online, meaning off-campus and online students can also take the class. Students also don’t have the afterthought of worrying about getting home safely because of drinking and driving.

Dr. Nifoussa said that her two goals of the class are to get students to like at least one IPA (India Pale Ale), and that every student can have a chance to find at least one beer that they like.

To register for Brewing 101 and Brewing 302, just simply talk to your academic advisor and register for the class on E-Hive.