My time at the University of Wisconsin-Superior was very memorable. I will remember UWS for the rest of my life. This campus was very special for me.

I met a lot of new people, even bumped into somebody I met a few years back, and saw an amazing opportunity to find a way to tell the love of my life how I felt, with a very helpful assist by that somebody I met a few years back.

UWS created so many new opportunities, and job opportunities, too. I felt so lucky to have a campus like this one to wake up to every day, for the past two years. Writing for our campus newspaper was yet another great opportunity to better craft my writing skills.

Also, working up in the radio station right here on campus was a neat way to learn how to communicate with people, and ask those questions to learn more about another person, and perhaps what they’re currently going through, or what they’ve already been through.

My time at UWS was very successful. It was unique, too. I graduated with a major in multimedia journalism, with a minor in communications. I currently work for KDQS Fox21 News in Duluth.

For anybody who is going through a very tough time, find themselves struggling in life, or perhaps dealing with a loss… I want to remind you, I always say, grief does not have an expiration date. It may come… it may go… it may change to other things, too. However, those memories, hold onto those memories. Remember all the beautiful things, instead of running away from them…

Take care of yourself, everybody.