Our student IDs are used for a multitude of things on campus, such as Jacket Points and campus activities. But outside the campus, did you know that our student IDs can be used for discounts at many local businesses? Some of which you may already be shopping at.

Many of the University of Wisconsin-Superior, knew either little or nothing at all about the student discounts offered. “No, no I didn’t,” said student Alivia Sanborn. 

Student IDs are also connected to Jacket Points, allowing students to have access to the dining hall without spending money out of pocket.

“I did know that, I just didn’t. Well, yeah,” said student Katelynd Correll. 

“I am actually. A&W right across the street offers an 11% student discount, and I have used that quite a few times,” said student Seth Gudmunsen.

“Like some in Duluth for example, they have stores that allow for some discounts. Then I know there’s more. I think the cinema offers it, but I’m not really sure,” said student Jose Yepez.

In Superior alone, roughly 15 businesses ranging from restaurants to bowling alleys, to even apparel offer discounts of some kind to UWS students. Places like Empire Coffee, Village Lanes, Northwest Outlet and World of Wheels are some of the more notable. But even the Pottery Burn offers discounts to students. But there are more ways that you can save with your UWS Student ID and UWS email.

Director of Student Involvement Alison Garver let us know about one way students can save online, “So unidays, is a great website that has thousands of discounts sites available to you. So a lot of your name brand things – like Microsoft, Adidas, some of those places that students are likely to be shopping at – have discount codes or different deals that you can get using your UWS.edu email address.”

Students checking into the cafeteria in the YU.

According to UW-Systems, our UWS emails can also get a $1.99 subscription with Hulu, 15% off discount at many name brand apparel like Adidas, and 60% off of Adobe products.

Assistant Dean of Students Jen Bird said, “I would generally just ask and have your student ID ready. I know places have just done that before. People have said that they had stuff discounted because they were wearing stuff with campus logos on it. In the past businesses have asked ‘Oh, are you a student?’ and then they showed their ID and received a discount. So have it available, don’t be afraid to ask. It doesn’t hurt, because the worst that they can say is no. Otherwise you might get a sweet deal.”

Currently, there’s no up-to-date list of businesses that offer discounts in our area, but don’t be afraid to ask. But there are websites that can point out potential student discounts.