Mackie Ringrose |

Whether your college or high school, most young people growing up that plan on going or are in university don’t often think about how they’re going to deal with the expenses.

One way which many students chose to relieve the financial stress is through working and the University of Wisconsin-Superior offers a wide variety of jobs on campus, for both national and international students.

Whether you enjoy working with other students directly or indirectly, there are many positions which allow students to earn some money as well as meet new people. In some cases, campus jobs can even jumpstart a career path.

Jobs can be used as a break from all the stress that the academic side of what the university brings. Outside of this, having a job can looks great on ones’ resume as it demonstrates good discipline and an ability to work either on or off-campus. So why not make the most of this?

Dylan Elynick is a sophomore at UWS, who started working at Superior Ventures at the start of the fall 2022 semester. “I love the flexibility that an on-campus job comes with as it allows you to schedule the work around school which makes the whole experience so much easier,” said Elynick.

Flexibility during the school year is extremely important and is a huge advantage to an on-campus job.

Sofia Candela came to UWS from Italy and works as a Resident Assistant (RA). In her sophomore year, she thinks that campus jobs are perfect to adjusting to campus life. “Being an international student, it is great to have the opportunity to work,” said Candela. “It has allowed me to meet new people and become more confident on campus.”

To find other jobs on-campus, you can check out Handshake, which can be found on the school’s website, or pay a visit to Career Services to help get started.