Nikolas Fredrikson

Nick Donahue’s Staff Directory Picture

University of Wisconsin Superior’s Marcovich Wellness Center (MWC) has been the place to go for recreation and will continue to be a good resource for students for years to come.

Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Nick Donahue has been a huge addition since his hiring in May of 2018 keeping the MWC running smoothly and efficiently.

As Assistant Director Donahue oversees day-to-day operations of the building working with students, staff, the front desk, as well as undertaking division of student affairs duties. It is not an easy job and there are many challenges along the way.

“Navigating through different student personalities and helping each person meet their own needs is a difficult challenge, as well as scheduling difficulties and student responsibilities such as being good in the classroom,” said Donahue.

“Everyone has each other’s back and there are good bonds of trust and being open to conversations while being more than a paycheck and also giving the student employees skills to take into the real world,” said Donahue in terms of what it is like working together on the MWC staff.

Lydia C. Thering Feildhouse in MWC.

Student employees Mackenzie Bird and Iduan Nater Lopez have only positive things to say regarding the MWC and Donahue.

“It is so fun working here because you get to interact with other students and make new friends and there is never a dull moment and everyone is so welcoming,” said Nater Lopez.

“He’s a nice guy and if you ever need something, he will be there for you,” said Bird, “the work schedule is so flexible and always works around our sports schedules.”