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Jon Garver is the athletic communications, and external relations manager for UW-Superior Yellowjacket Athletics making an impact on campus both as a student and staff member.

Jon Gaver’s Staff Directory Picture

Garver thought this campus was the perfect opportunity to play hockey as he played hockey and been a play–by–play announcer for 22 years for the Yellowjackets. His announcing has been in radio on the campus radio station.

91.3 FM KUWS is the name of the UWS radio station and is affiliated with the Wisconsin Public Radio.

This radio station has run for over 50 years and provides opportunities for students.

Eliot Sweere is one of those students that is involved with the station as a producer and also board operator for the Yellowjacket athletic games on the radio.

He is involved in basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer and volleyball broadcasts.

“Historically, the men’s soccer team has seen a lot of success. This year, both the men’s and women’s soccer teams made it to the NCAA tournament which is a pretty big deal,” said Sweere.

This college has a lot of different sports to play like soccer, hockey, baseball, golf, tennis, softball, track and field, volleyball, basketball, and cross-country running. Unfortunately, no football. “I am okay without a football team. We have so many other teams,” Garver said.

Since 2015, UW-Superior men’s hockey team have won a lot more making hockey here a huge deal.

Some of the UW-Superior Yellowjacket student-athletes travel from international locations to compete for the Yellowjackets.

Outside KUWS on third floor of Holden Fine Arts

Garver added, “It is pretty incredible to see the flow of both female and male student-athletes from different places that want to play here.”

UWS student-athlete Jack Barnett, a member of the Yellowjacket baseball team said, “We have a wide variety of players from different countries, especially in and close to Europe,” Barnett said.

In 2007 Garver was inducted into the UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame as part of the 1996-97 men’s hockey team that finished second in the nation. He went in again in 2015 for his role as an assistant coach on the 2000-01 men’s hockey team.

Garver was captain of the team his senior year and his wife Allison also works at UW-Superior in Student Affairs.

The UW-Superior station is on the third floor of Holden Fine Arts.

More programming and contact information on 91.3 FM KUWS/WPR radio can be found at: