Say goodbye to SONO, as campus students are Crave-ing for something fresh on campus in the Yellowjacket Union.

“SONO was very successful; it was a great concept. But as a company, we like to do a refresh every three years or so to keep things new for the students,” said the Director of Dining with Chartwells Katrina Goehring.

There are more than 20 new dining options available that range in three different flavors: street mac and cheese, Latin, and Asian rice bowls. But there are possibilities for more new options in the future, as a new partnership with Sous Vide Kitchen offers up to 15 different flavors like Japanese, Indian, and American BBQ cuisine.

Crave’s kiosk system tells workers exactly what students ordered with their customizations to ensure accuracy. | Photo by Drew Kerner

There’s also a new method of ordering food that uses kiosks, where students can pay with either a debit card or use their Jacket Points that’s connected onto their meal plan. With the new addition of kiosks, workers are prepared to help students when needed. “If someone is having trouble, one of us can always step away from the line as we’re more than happy to help,” said Goehring.

In the future, Crave will be adding more customizable features onto their menu. But management encourages people to not be afraid to ask for accommodations. “If it comes with a dish and you want us to remove something just ask. We’re still talking to students, it’s just not the kiosks,” said Sandy Thompson, assistant director with Crave.

Both Goehring and Thompson recommend the chicken on a salad while sales point out that the rice bowls were September’s number one seller. Crave is located right next to the Yellowjacket Bookstore right where SONOs used to be located and is open from 11 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. on weekdays.