Jordan Hyry

For many students, holding a campus job is important. The job can provide extra income, exciting new opportunities, and the chance to work closely alongside students and professors alike. For junior Malita “Molly” Villamayor, that is just what she found at the Writing Center at UW-Superior.

Villamayor said about her job, “I enjoy being able to help people. A lot of students come in who are confused, nervous, or stressed out about their assignment, but leave with a smile and a little more confidence. I’m proud to think I could contribute to that”.

The Writing Center is open to all students regardless of their major. Consultants ask more questions, then they answer and provide feedback to improve their peers’ papers, poems, portfolios, and more!

Malita “Molly” Villamayor in the Writing Center.

Villamayor has been working at the Writing Center since September 2021 and in that short time has made a huge contribution to the Center.

Julie Gard, the director of the Writing Center, said, “(She) provides thoughtful feedback to her fellow students” as a consultant. Villamayor has even created an advertisement video featuring herself, her co-workers and sister, “she is our video and audio expert!” said Gard.

Villamayor also tries to make her peers think deeply. “I always try to put a new puzzle on the blackboard once a week. It’s always fun watching people stare the board down when they’re trying to figure out the answer”.

Villamayor works three out of five days that the Writing Center is open and contributes largely to the atmosphere.

“(Malita) is super friendly and makes you feel relaxed,” said Jess Waldbilling, Villamayor’s coworker. “Overall, I’d say the writing center is very open. There’s a lot of space to do work, the staff is friendly, and the environment is flexible enough to suit quiet chatter or silent study. Days with less consultations tend to be quieter, but it’s no less inviting”.

Although the Writing Center tends to be used for study-spaces, the culture and atmosphere is very welcoming.

The Writing Center is also hiring! If you or someone you know is interested in working with Villamayor and the rest of the team, visit Handshake to apply. “The work we do here is simple, but it can have far-reaching impacts for the better. I think that’s pretty cool,” said Villamayor.