Daryl Shabaiash (top) and Jade Jensen (bottom) pet Ozzie Photo by Jean Germano

The Jim Dan Hill Library played host to a small menagerie of small, cuddly critters from the Lake Superior Zoo’s Zoomobile.

Zoo employee, Melanie Michaels, presented the reptiles and invertebrates. Attendees ooh-ed and ahh-ed at Ozzie, a 37-year-old tortoise, and Kristof, a 5-year-old leopard gecko. There was even excitement for the tarantula, Michaels brought, but unfortunately it was too timid to pet. Curious onlookers were encouraged to pet and meet all the critters, however there was a great deal of reprehension to pet the millipede.

More animals were present, including a bearded dragon named Toothless, snakes with their molted skin, and a tortoise shell.