Throughout Halle Carlson’s life, sports have been a part of it, and a reason she is at UW-Superior.

“When I was young, I played softball, did gymnastics, all those younger sports, and soccer,” said Carlson.

Then she realized she’d have to choose one, “As I got older, I realized I didn’t have time to play all of them, and picked my favorite one.”

After being a three-year starter at Hermantown she was named to the Essentia Health Girls All-Star Team in her senior year.

She graduated high school in 2021 and then came to UWS and chose to play soccer.

Carlson is really close with her coach Allison DeGroot, who has seen her improvement.

“The last two seasons have really blossomed our team,” said DeGroot.

DeGroot has helped Carlson transition from high school to college, on and off the field. Carlson jumped at the option to play close to home and hasn’t looked back.

“I am grateful for the entire experience; it’s been a learning opportunity every single second. I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Carlson said.


Halle Carlson | Photo by Paul James

According to Carlson the team is very close, even though the roster changes year to year they are learning more about each other, as new players join. In between drills, they will laugh and have fun, but when that whistle blows, it’s “go time.” “As soon as we get into drills. We get really competitive, we’re keeping scores, the intensity rises,” said DeGroot and added that Carlson has a role in that, “She is a phenomenal athlete, a competitor by nature, she is gritty, and extremely hard working.”

Carlson tried many positions when she was younger but has found her spot on the team as a defender.

Earning First Team All-UMAC honors this past season where the Yellowjackets won the conference championship.

Towards the end of the season, she had trouble with her shoulder and is doing physical therapy to be ready for next year, “It’s not too bad. I want to be careful, considering I am not in season, right now,” Carlson said.

Her hope is to be at 100 percent this summer, and ready for the season to kick off.

Carlson is a sophomore communications major, with a coaching minor. She has plans to go into human resources, and public relations after graduating.