Information provided by the Health Care Clinic for Reproductive Health, Superior, Wisc., in partnership with UWS Student Health and Couseling Services.

Dear Doc,
I’m allergic to latex and can’t use condoms, but I don’t want to use birth control because it makes me gain weight. How can I have safe sex with no options?
From, Out of Options

Dear Out of Options,
If you’re allergic to latex, never fear, because there are latex-free options! Many condom brands make non-latex options like Trojan, Skyn, Durex, and more. Usually it’s stated on the box or in the information description.

There also exists birth control options that are non-hormonal or low-hormonal. There is a non-hormone IUD and a low-hormone IUD (safe for most with hormone difficulties or medical conditions). Another option is a diaphragm. However, a prescription is needed to get a diaphragm, because it’s made to fit.

Before making a decision, please consult your primary doctor for more information.
Best, Doc

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