The buzz is that Student Involvement is looking for someone else to take over the position of our beloved Yellowjacket mascot Buzz. Applications closed on Mar. 5, with four applicants lined up for the position.

The current Buzz is ‘buzzing forward’ and it’s time for someone else to fill in their shoes. | Photo by Drew Kerner

“We’re looking to hire a new mascot coordinator,” said Student Affairs Director Allison Garver. “Hopefully a few additional Buzz mascot backups will apply as well so we can build a whole team back up.”

This past year, only one student took up the role of Buzz attending campus events during an already loaded campus schedule. Garver says that anyone interested can apply to ensure that school spirit stays alive.

“We’re looking for someone that has school spirit, someone that’s looking to represent the university in a positive way,” said Garver. “It doesn’t need to be someone that’s super out-going. I’ve noticed that it’s introverted people that turn out to be really good mascots since they’re hidden behind the mask and are able to let loose without judgment.”

Being a mascot isn’t as simple as putting on a costume. One part of being Buzz is communicating with large enthusiastic gestures and keeping up confidentiality.

Even Buzz takes time to read on their off time. | Photo by Drew Kerner

“Being able to connect with people and learn how to just live in the moment has changed my outlook on many things,” said the current Buzz. “I hear so many stories and learn about life away from campus and sometimes I comfort those who haven’t had a shoulder to lean on in a while. Sometimes I’m just someone to talk to for students.”

Between classes, home family life, and personal life a team of Buzzes would be ideal to attend more on-campus games and events.

Multiple Buzzes can also open doors to see Buzz a lot more around campus as Garver says that she doesn’t want people to be Buzz no more than two hours at a time.

With applications already closed and four potential Buzzes in the selection progress, time will only tell for how many Buzzes will be buzzing around on campus.

With more people handling Buzz, UWS can prepare to see more of Buzz on campus. | Photo by Drew Kerner

Unfortunately, due to contract. None of the candidates are allowed to publicly say that they’re Buzz while attending UWS.

For the current Buzz, they said that being the campus mascot has helped them become more sociable and they wish the best for who will fill into Buzz’s size 18 shoes.

“Although my wings are actually too small to help me fly, I feel like I’ve traveled the world with how many people I’ve met,” said Buzz. “When it is my time to step down, I hope that whoever follows in my footsteps has all the same wonderful experiences and more!”