Photo by Kayless Chalmers

By Maija Johnson

In the midst of classes, exams, and studying, there is one individual that never fails to brighten up a student’s day—Kathy Cristensen.

Christensen works at the University of Wisconsin-Superior in the Yellowjacket Union cafeteria as a full-time cashier and is loved by students and staff alike. Working at UWS has molded her into the person she is today.

Christensen said, “My favorite part about working here is seeing the students. I love the students. They are so special to me. I love making them feel at home and making them feel comfortable. This should be their second home.” At seventy years old, Christensen has been working at UWS for over twenty-two years, yet, Christensen said, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Although Christensen was not a UWS student, she was born and raised in Superior, Wisc. and never wanted to leave. She elaborated her decision with, “Being a cashier here has definitely changed me. Especially meeting students and staff with different cultures and backgrounds. It is very interesting to see how they perceive different things.” Christensen loves being able to be there for students that are having a bad day and need a pick-me-up. She explained further, “My favorite part about this job is seeing all different students every single day and making sure that their day is going well. I like to pick them up and put a smile on their face when they need it.”

A freshman at UWS, Rachel Morff, said, “Kathy is such a positive person who never fails to put a smile on my face. No matter the day, Kathy greets me with a smile and takes genuine interest into my person life with questions about how my day is going. She remembers every individuals name that goes through the [cafeteria] line. She gives a personalized experience and all of the students love her.”

Non-traditional UWS student, Peter Miller said, “Kathy is my favorite person. She impacted me tremendously in a positive way during my freshman year of college. Knowing she was able to be there for me and greet me in a good mood was incredible.”

Christensen has impacted so many students and staff positively. Whether she is telling jokes or asking about a student’s day, Kathy has positive energy she brings to campus.