It’s been about a year since it was announced that UW-Superior would be getting their very own stadium with a synthetic turf soccer field and a 9-lane collegiate track and more.

With an expected finish date of this fall, many are wondering why the New Superior Choice Credit Union Stadium hasn’t begun filling the Ole Haugsgard field quite yet.

During the summer crews began taking the bleachers off the field, but other than that there hasn’t been much work done.

There’s many reasons for the delay, according to Athletic Director Nick Bursik those included; difficulties getting materials, last year’s record snowfall, financial requirements through the state, while also doing what they can to keep the stadium
viable for the next 30 years.

Bursik believes in some ways the delay has helped shape a new evolution for the stadium.

“Our priority has always been trying to ensure we are putting the best surfaces down for our student athletes and for our students and their academic courses,” Bursik said before stating what’s being done during the delay.

“The delay in construction has allowed us to insure that we’re going to be able to put the right surfaces down not only from a performance standpoint but also health and safety.”

The project is not only for the Yellow- jackets, as youth events, tournaments and more will be held at the stadium after its completion.

Bursik went on to note the relation- ship with SCCU and the communication with them through the process.

The stadium is anticipated to be finished by next fall semester with a groundbreaking in the Spring.