As of last season, Carter Lansdale has taken on the dual-role of player and social media manager within UW-Superior’s soccer team.

Lansdale has embraced his role so far, implying that this could be a career path he would like to follow when he graduates.

As a multimedia journalism major, Lansdale brings a unique perspective to social media

During his tenure as social media manager, Lansdale has improved engagement with followers on Instagram through Q&A’s with the team on
traveling days, or live text commentary through Instagram stories.

“I started last season, Coach Mooney heard I was good with social media, so he pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to be the social media manager of the team”,
said Lansdale. “At first I thought ‘nah, I don’t want to do it’, but then I was like ‘why not?’, and now I’ve realized it’s something I’d want to do post-college.”

Lansdale is also minoring in communications to further bolster his skill
within the field of media.

“I’ve always wanted to go into sports media. My family has always been
involved in sports media, whether it’s with the Twins, MLB; it’s always
interested me being involved in sports.”

Lansdale’s new role has proven popular with his teammates, being labeled as ‘brilliant’ by teammate Alfie Hudd.

“He is perfect for the team because he is a part of the team, and so everything that he shows is what we live through every day,” said Bryce Boldt, a sophomore soccer player at