Alexie Pryd is in her final year at UW-Superior and the Writing Center, “Reading and writing are my biggest passions next to athletics, so helping people develop their written voice is super exciting for me,” said Pryd.

To her, the writing center is one big family, and she is so grateful to have the chance to be a part of it. With her about to graduate college, Pryd has had more of an understanding of who she is, as a young woman.

She has grown into accepting every single part of who she is, regardless of whether people like her personality or not. “Learning to embrace myself has been a very long journey, and though sometimes, it still scares me, I’m glad I’ve been able to be myself here at UWS,” Pryd added.

She is to graduate with a B.A. at the end of this current semester, Spring 2023. Pryd is a writing major, with a business marketing minor. Her dream job someday is to work in anything to do with books. She loves books.

She wants to help bring other people’s creative thoughts to life through publishing, and it’s truly her dream to read for a living. As a matter of fact, Pryd is applying to grad schools to obtain a future’s master’s degree in publishing. “I’m really excited to see what the future has in store,” Pryd said.

Pryd played a wide array of sports while growing up, she always wanted to do something different, so she ended up partaking in everything she possibly could.

“Some sports followed me longer than others, as I was a competitive trampoline and tumbling gymnast, and a softball player for at least seven years each,” said Pryd.

She was aiming to obtain an athletic scholarship from a very young age, so she eventually decided to focus on only one sport.

“It was a really tough choice between gymnastics, softball, and volleyball, but ultimately volleyball won out, though I would argue I was better at the other two,” Pryd added.

She also participated in track and field, to stay in shape during the off-season.

She was doing the high jump, long jump, and her favorite, the triple jump.

Pryd verbally committed to Wingate University on a volleyball scholarship when she was a sophomore in high school, and she shaved off all the other activities she was doing.

This created more time to play volleyball, with her Junior Olympic team, and high school team until she graduated.

She transferred from Wingate University, in the spring semester of her sophomore year.

She transferred to UWS just in time to participate in the volleyball 2020 spring season, playing in 10 matches during the shortened season.

She already misses the ups and downs that a team faces during any season, and she will miss the comradery and family aspect of being on that team.

Her family aspect at home was full of an athletic background, her parents played a few sports, that in one way or another, inspired her to play.

Her dad was a big supporter and used to practice all the time on the fields, and they bonded over the sport when she was little. “I am still trying to convince him to swing with me once in a while when I’m back home,” said Pryd.

Her mom, on the other hand, won out when it ultimately came to volleyball.

She played college volleyball and set records at Southwest Minnesota State University, playing in the most career sets and all-time digs.

Pryd’s volleyball career is done as she is graduating soon but if you want to see her try out some more of the sports, she used to play you can watch her on UWS athletics Instagram’s “I can do that” show.