“Creed III” starring Michael B. Jordan (Adonis Creed), Jonathan Majors (Damian), and Tessa Thompson (Bianca), is the latest movie that takes place in the “Rocky” universe and the 3rd film to star Jordan as Adonis Creed.

“Creed III” 2023

The film follows Adonis at the very end of his boxing career. He’s accomplished everything he’s wanted to in the boxing world, and he has a loving family by his side.
After three years of retirement a former childhood friend, boxing prodigy resurfaces after a long stint in prison and is looking to regain what was supposed to be his while also settling past scores.

“Creed III” is another great addition to the “Rocky” universe. Jordan does an excellent job stepping back into the role as Creed and Majors excels at being a frightening yet sympathetic antagonist. The movie will keep you at the end of your seat wanting more, and the boxing action continues to be a strong aspect of the Trilogy.

While the movie noticeably lacks Sylvester Stallone as Rocky the film is an excellent addition to the franchise and deserves a watch from anyone who’s a fan of boxing or loves the other films in the franchise.

Final Score: 8.1/10