McKenzy Cich

Photo provided by Jess Waldbillig

McKenzy Cich is graduating with an English and Theater major this semester at the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS). Her capstone is putting on the play “The Runner Stumbles.”

“I have to direct the show and every aspect that goes along with it like blocking, technical stuff, casting. It’s a combination of everything,” Cich explained. “It’s a combination of everything I’ve learned as UWS since I got here.”

The hardest part for Cich is working on theater during the COVID-19 pandemic and the work itself to put on an entire play by herself. “It’s really overwhelming,” said Cich.

Cich’s advice for future graduates is to find something that they are passionate about, and they work on their college career and expand on it.

“The Runner Stumbles” will be performed in the black box theater in Holden Fine Arts on December 10th and 11th.