Nathan Stafford planting his pronouns.

On Wednesday Feb. 2, ResLife put on a collaborative event with the Gender Equity Resource Center (GERC) that invited University of Wisconsin Superior (UWS) students to paint potted plants with their pronouns on them.

The event unfolded in the Swenson Atrium from 7-8:30 p.m.

UWS student attendees got to pick succulents and work on their plant pots to show the importance of respecting and using each other’s preferred pronouns.

Some plant pots had more than just their pronouns on them. The creative saying, “Water your pronouns?” circled around the event like wildfire. UWS early credit student Alex S. is particularly proud of coining the phrase.

Respecting pronouns is easy as speaking. Making people feel welcomed and appreciated can be simple as asking for preferred pronouns and putting in effort to remember them if by horrible chance you do forget on that one occasion.

“Plant Your Pronouns” even saw attendees from Northland Technical College as the event was open to more than just UWS students.

ResLife can be contacted through either any RAs on campus or at Swen 2100. The Gender Equity Resource Center is located in Swenson 1031.