TJ Oakes

Photo provided by Yellowjacket Athletics

By Jack Barnett

The holiday season is in full swing, making for the busiest and most stressful times for those working in the athletic department. A native of Jordan, Minnesota, TJ Oakes graduated from the University of Minnesota earning a Bachelor of Science degree in sports management.

“Being the head coach entails everything in overseeing the entire program,” said Oakes, the new head baseball coach. “A lot of the job entails helping develop baseball players to be able to reach success on the field, but the job requires much more than that. My goal is helping mold young men off the field and helping them overcome the challenges that life brings.”

Challenges are always in play when running a program. “Not having assistant coaches there to help you daily put on a lot on my plate with having to manage 35 student-athletes as well as recruiting, fundraising, getting trips set up, and the whole works. There is always something to do,” said Oakes. You can find TJ in the Markovich Wellness Cen[1]ter (MWC) on the sec[1]ond floor in room MWC 2418.