Students participate in a volleyball game.

Photo by University Relations

On-campus, opportunities are everywhere to help our students find a break in their tough school days. Taking a break is important because the stress levels coming from school can be heavy, especially once we get to the end of the semester.

For many of these schools and the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS), intramural sports are a staple in bringing students together while sharing a relaxing environment. As the Recreation Program Manager, Sean Monnier is in his first year at UWS. His position includes much more than intramurals, but Monnier himself participated in college and made sure to shine a light on this opportunity for students.

He understands what students deal with daily, which helps recreate and participate in an activity many students loved to be a part of but did not get the chance to play at the high level of college athletics. His empathy also means he tries to hold the organization to a high standard. “I try to build a culture that is welcoming, everyone feels safe, conflicts get resolved easily, and to show respect to players, fans, and the referees,” said Monnier.

Many intramural participants have laid-back personalities. “The best part about [recreational sports] to me is just being able to hang out with friends and do something with them. I don’t really care about the sport we are playing that much. I just enjoy being around others and being able to have a good time,” said Ryan Leifer, a basketball participant.

Many people have the same mentality and view intramural sports as more of a stress reliever and do not want to deal with the conflicts they may have to face. The registration for block 2 ended on Oct. 28, but if you are looking to take a break from school and get into recreational sports, Block 3 will open for registration on Feb. 3. If you have any questions, please see Sean Monnier in the Markovich Wellness Center, room 1440.