Buzz smashes pumpkin at midterm bash.

Photo by Rene Williams

By Cohen Janes

Pumpkins often have a life span from the beginning of October to the beginning of November, but not these pumpkins. On Thursday, October 21st, the University of Wisconsin-Superior held a pumpkin smashing event to celebrate mid-terms.

Chartwells catered free food to students who attended, people passing by, and fresh hot apple cider to keep the attendees warm. Alongside the event, UWS opened a vaccination clinic to help raise the school-wide vaccination rate to 70%.

The university offered pumpkins free of charge, and students were encouraged to let out any pent-up stress or anger. Students watched from a distance as brave souls showed all they had. As students smashed pumpkins, the crowd cheered on students who went up and got covid-19 vaccinations.

Among the audience was Tommy Thompson, President of the UW System and former Wisconsin governor. Thompson encouraged students to get vaccinated and smash pumpkins. “Vaccinations are extremely important to our schools for the ability to continue events like these,” said Thompson.

Other attendees included faculty and UWS Chancellor Renée Wachter, who watched and enjoyed the show. Current student Peter Potswald attended the event and had the opportunity to smash a pumpkin.

“It was fun, I didn’t think it would be that easy to smash a pumpkin, and I thought it was really clever to have a vaccination clinic to help make campus a safer place,” said Postwald. “It was nice to see that a lot of people showed up. It was great seeing the community come together. It really makes this place feel like home.”