Artwork created by students during the “Bad Art Night” floor program.

Photo by Drew Kerner

In the Curran-McNeill residence hall basement, the 4th-floor Resident Assistant (RA), Laeken Ramsey, hosted a “Bad Art Night.” The purpose of the floor activity was to make intentionally bad and “cursed” art. For one to consider something as “cursed,” the viewer may find the image disturbing because of the low quality of the photo or the image’s content is abnormal or illogical.

The entire hour and a half long event faced nothing but laughter, and the majority of the residents could not keep a straight face making things as cursed as they were. There were some genuine artists down there. Alaina Larson’s deception of Lil Nas X was nothing less than perfect.

Some other art available was philosophical, such as Ramsey’s “Tell the truth and Run” painting. The materials available were standard cheap paint, pipe cleaners, paper bags, outdated magazines, markers, and Xander Nueman’s favorite googly eyes.

The works produced included self-portraits, landscapes, the occasional cartoon character Peppa Pig, and the paper bag portrait of 2nd floor Ross RA Josh Carlisle made by Brady Radloff. Overall it was a pretty fun night. To see the artwork in person, stop by the 4th-floor lounge in Curran-McNeill.