A post-it note on the Student Org.’s office door

Students on the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus may have noticed a take-over of pink, orange, and green post-it-notes containing positive messages across many campus buildings during the week of Oct. 28 through Nov. 1.

The notes, spread throughout Swenson Hall, the Yellowjacket Union, and the Holden Fine and Applied Arts Center, contain a smattering of positive messages geared at students, staff, and faculty.

Notes could be seen on several of the doors leading into or out of each building, as well as on all of the student organization and administrative offices in the Yellowjacket Union. The notes contained messages like:

Career Services office sign

“You are great at EVERYTHING you do”
“Have a great day”
“You got this.”

No one is quite sure who spread the notes across campus, but the positivity is more than welcome as midterms come and go. If you have any information on who created the notes, please contact the Promethean.