It may have a new name, but EA Sports FC 24 is just about the same, frustrating game that FIFA has been for years – yet it still doesn’t fail to entertain sports gamers across the world. Here are the biggest pros and cons I have found so far in the newest release of EA’s FC24.

PROS: Playstyles – Playstyles are signature abilities, making players more unique and giving special abilities to individuals to benefit them in-game. This addition to FC24 is a bright change to gameplay, and it feels that a shakeup in gameplay was required to ensure the game feels fresh, rather than a copy-and-paste of last year’s FIFA 23. This addition imitates the Badges system from NBA 2K24, buffing high-profile players and increasing their worth. Essentially, there’s more personality for these stars.

Female players included in FC24 – For the first time in the game’s history, female players will be added to the Ultimate Team game mode in FC24. This marks a huge step forward in equality for the game, ensuring all genders can be represented within the game. This creates a bigger player pool, expanding the possibilities of your dream team.

Graphics – With the growing technology within the gaming world, it is no surprise that graphics have taken another big leap this year, with a breathtaking user-interface keeping you distracted until you enter your next game. Background cinematics during pauses now showcase players in the changing rooms, commentators setting up, fans returning to their seats, or even managers drawing tactics on the whiteboard. This small change creates a more vibrant, interactive game and creates a sense that you’re more involved in your team’s performances.


CONS: Glitches – The invisibility bug returns for another year; this time once a player goes to ground during a stoppage, it seems that they return to their feet invisible. This is not a system-specific bug, as all cross-platform players are seeing this issue occur. It won’t take long to patch this, but a very frustrating bug that is causing players to lose through no fault of their own.

Money-grabbing – EA are notorious for making assets in their games profitable, and understandably so due to their large audience and younger demographic. Each year, this has become less subtle, and the promotion of new ‘special cards’ each week is flooding the game with content, with the intent of customers converting real money to in-game ‘FC points’. These points can then be spent on opening packs with a slim chance of attaining the ‘special cards’. The vast amount of content dilutes the game, and to continue to compete in the top divisions, it is almost a requirement to spend money, unless you devote hundreds of hours to the game to grind through the divisions.

Defensive gameplay – Defensive play feels very sloppy this year, with AI defending becoming more laughable than helpful, however this does not differ from last year’s FIFA 23 defending. The frustration of defenders not locking on to runners is shared by your opponent when playing Ultimate Team, so at least there’s a silver lining.

A new leaf in EA’s FIFA series isn’t off to a fantastic start, but there’s definitely positives to take from the all-new FC24. Once all of the bugs are patched, there will be a great platform to build from for those continuing to play this series.